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GPS Digital RPD was founded with one goal: to make the highest quality partial frameworks and flexible partials. To achieve this, our team utilizes the latest digital dentistry technology, such as SLM printers, mills, and 3D printers, to ensure high precision for every product. GPS is family-owned and backed by decades-worth of experience. In addition, our restorations are made in America, so you can be confident in every framework or partial you prescribe. At GPS Digital RPD you will find quality products at a good price and with a fast turnaround. We invite you to partner with our team today.

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The GPS Digital RPD team is ready to partner with your laboratory. We are ready to work with you on every framework and partial to ensure each product perfectly meets your standards. We utilize the latest digital dentistry advancements so each restoration offers consistent fit and high-quality results. 

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Skillfully Crafted Removable Solutions

The GPS team is your resource for high-quality metal frameworks, flexible partials, and custom trays. We take pride in every product we produce, which results in superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. We design the product to meet your standards, so your clients will be happy with every framework and partial they receive. Every GPS Digital RPD product is crafted in-house at our Florida laboratory

Metal Framework

Our metal frameworks are crafted from a high-quality metal alloy using Selective Laser Melting (SLM).

Flexible Patial

Our flexible partials are milled using the highest quality material ensuring a highly esthetic restoration with an expectational fit. The combination of CAD/CAM Design and subtractive manufacturing guarantees you a superior flexible product for your removable needs.

Our Technology

The Latest Advancements Ensure the Best Results

GPS Digital RPD is continuously innovating in order to give our partners the best possible restorations and outcomes. We are proud to be at the forefront of digital dentistry, which ensures high precision for every case. Digital dentistry allows us to keep everything in-house and provide highly precise, functional, and esthetic restorations. We are proud to say that every restoration is backed by years of insight and experience working with the most innovative technology and materials available. We also accept digital impressions from most major intraoral scanners. Our commitment to digital dentistry ensures you can prescribe any of our dental restorations and be confident that it will look amazing and fit perfectly. We utilize the 2CREATE printers, the leading open material metal SLM Printer for our frameworks. Once printed, we leverage our DLyte electro polisher to achieve a pristine framework ready for your signature finish.

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